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on the just concluded Chinese international mold technology









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on the just concluded Chinese international mold technology and Equipment Exhibition (Die&Mold China 2008, in May 12 to 16 held in Shanghai, Switzerland) Fehlmann the main display of drilling and milling machining center PICOMAX 54 and precise vertical machining center PICOMAX 60 with manual function.

Among them, the compact precision boring and milling machine PICOMAX 54 manual and automatic operation of two CNC as a whole, convenient operation, accurate, has the very strong flexibility and simplicity, suitable for single piece and small batch production. Simple parts processing or execution of separate operation, can be positioned by means of a handwheel or digital display positioning key mode, without the need for numerical control (CNC), manual data input mode can achieve fast and precise parts processing.

According to the general manager of Fehlmann product agents Shaanxi Mitutoyo Technology Co., assistant Liu Hui said, PICOMAX biggest feature is support manual function 54, the 2 m of the machining accuracy is difficult to achieve the automatic machine. The machine since listing in the annual sales of not less than one hundred units, at present, the 2008 orders also has more than 100 taiwan.

Single and batch production of vertical machining center PICOMAX 60 is not only suitable for the precision of manufacture, is completely suitable for precision dies, such as the processing of copper, graphite electrode machining, high strength steel and hardened steel, its positioning accuracy is less than 5 m, can guarantee the processing quality of the coordinate boring machine.

Liu Hui also briefed reporters on the automation of Fehlmann innovative solutions AutoMation. According to the different workpiece pallet pool size, the scheme to accommodate more than 100 pallets, realize long time operation in unattended condition, make full use of the night time, shorten the production cycle.


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